GL Best Lines Tuesday 3/10/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 3/10/09


Provided By Tanya

Mallet: Wow. "My son."' Sometimes it just hits me. He’s my son. I've been so focused on finding you and I have been focused on bringing you home, there he is. There you are. I get to share your life, don't I? Your first words and your first loose tooth and the first time you ever see snow, yeah. We're going to experience all that together. I never thought I'd be a father.

Dinah: And now?

Mallet: I can't imagine it being any other way.


Remy: I'll walk you to your car. ( Whistles ) You keep baking Frank cookies like that, next thing you know you two will be jumping in the sack.

Natalia: What did your Frank tell you?

Remy: Nothing, nothing, what-- Frank? ( Laughter )

Natalia: Don't say anything.

Remy: I am not going to say nothing. Why would I tell anybody you slept with Frank and not me, that would be really tough on my reputation.


Beth: I don’t know. Do you think I should go help him?

Rick: No, don't go out there, no. He is doing that thing, you know, I am moody and having deep thought thing.

Mindy: Well, women like that, I am moody having deep thoughts thing. You ought to try it, Rick.

Rick: I don't have deep thoughts, it doesn't work for me.

Beth: No, no, it doesn't. You have to stay the class clown.

Mindy: It seems like Olivia might have upset Phillip. She is such a bitch. Some things never change. You know it's okay if he needs a minute by himself.

Rick: Don't hold back, Mindy. Don't hold back. Just.. I don't know. This whole thing seems a little weird, having a good time, pretending nothing happened, l mean, he did kidnap the kids.

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