GL Best Lines Friday 3/6/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 3/6/09


Provided By Tanya

Daisy: Yeah, I know. Everything is changing. People are finally going to accept us.

Grady: You say that like you really want for that to happen.

Daisy: Well, yeah, because it makes everything easier, because everything's been really hard for a long time. We can be anything we want to be.

Grady: It sounds like something out of a movie.

Daisy: Yeah, th... that is exactly what we are. We're a couple in one of those sappy girl movies, you know, walking down the beach hand-in-hand into the sunset.

Grady: Well, maybe we should go to, like, Tahiti or some place like that, huh? And walk on the beach together.

Daisy: No. We'll be happy right here.

Grady: Well, maybe I should go see one of those sappy girl films so I know how to act.

Daisy: You'd see one of those movies for me?

Grady: Just one.

Buzz: Right now, I mean, right now, Alan is probably sitting up in his mansion on the hill, drinking 18-year-old scotch and smoking a big ass cigar, and nobody... nobody seems to care about the injustice of this bubume!

Frank: We all care. We all just deal with it in our own way.

Billy: Hey, Buzz. I could hear you screaming about Alan all the way down the hall.

Buzz: Feel free to join in.

Beth: I was kind of hoping, you know, that tonight would be a way for me to remember who I was before all the bad things happened. But... bad things happened then, too. I guess there's no escaping them.

Mindy: Well, you know what my daddy used to say-- "Whenever you get bumped off a horse, you've got to get right back in the saddle."

Beth: Except all of my horses seem to be on a merry-go-round, and I keep making the same mistake again and again.

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