GL Best Lines Wednesday 3/4/09

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 3/4/09


Provided By Tanya

Jeffrey: Are you planning to be here for this baby?

Reva: Of course I am. It's my baby.

Jeffrey: Yes. Are you planning to be here for him? Nurse him? To feed him? To clothe him? To bathe him? To do, I don't know what.. but, I am going to find out because I am going to be here. What I need to know from you, Reva, what I need to know is, are you going to be here, too?

Reva: I have cancer, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey: Yes! Are you going to be here?

Reva: How do you expect me to answer that question!

Jeffrey: I expect you to say yes! Yes! Emphatically yes and mean it!

Reva: I am trying to be realistic.

Jeffrey: Realistic, Reva, if we were realistic, we would have never would have gotten here in the first place. Okay? So if you have given up, if you've given in to dying, then I wish you would do that somewhere else! I'm going to paint!

Reva: Shayne Lewis. This is my Oncologist, Colin McCabe. And my friend! And this is Marina.

Colin: Hi.

Shayne: It's really nice to meet you. Thank you for saving my mom's life.

Colin: Oh, well, you know, ( laughs ) Reva doesn't do anything she doesn't want to do.

Shayne: Really? I've never seen that side of her. ( Laughter )

Mallet: What about the immigration papers?

Kovach: Oh, I forgot.

Mallet: And I'm going to need the ring back.

Kovach: A deal is a deal.

Mallet: I going to need the ring back, you are not taking anything from that woman in there. You're not stealing from her. She's lost enough already. I am going to take the ring back. Or walking out of here will be the last thing you ever do. Thank you.

Shayne: Hey, it's me. I just got the music box. I do want to know how you found it.

Dinah: Oh, well good. I'm full of surprises.

Shayne: We're not at war with Bosnia now because of this, are we?

Dinah: Would you give me a little credit, please. The Consulate never knew what hit him.

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