GL Best Lines Tuesday 2/17/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 2/17/09


Provided By Tanya

Marina: When are they going to let us in there to see him? I want to yell at him for scaring all of us.

Daisy: I was thinking I would get Harley on the phone, because she really wants to talk to him.

Marina: That's a great idea. I think that when he's feeling better, I think we all need to band together, and we need to plan the biggest and most ridiculous celebration that we've ever had. And Grandpa, you can cook for like a week. And Coop can plan the menu, and he can have all of his favorite foods, even if he wants fish and chips over baklava. ( Laughter )


Buzz: Love doesn't conquer all, does it? It didn't bring Deenie back. It didn't bring Jenna back. It didn't bring Gus back. It didn't stop me from sending my son to stop your wedding.

Alan: Sometimes we have to learn lessons the hard way.

Buzz: And what is the lesson? That the world is a cruel place, and cynical and dark, where one wrong decision haunts you for the rest of your life? You make a choice, and your son dies? Does that seem fair to you?

Alan: Who said anything about life being fair?

Buzz: No, if it was fair, you'd be in that hospital.


Buzz: How many times does it have to smack me in the head? How many times? I am not the man to make this decision!

Jenna: You are wrong. You are so wrong! You're wrong about the decisions that you made for Coop, and you are wrong about me. I'm the one who left town without telling you that I was carrying your son. And when I came back, you did everything in your power to save me. You should not have any regrets about that.

Buzz: You can put any spin on this you want to, but that's his body in there. Our boy, who is so full of... spirit and life, and he's gone. And I did nothing to stop it, nothing.

Jenna: So you really feel that you have failed our son?

Buzz: I know I have.

Jenna: All right. Then you make it up to him, and not with vengeance, not with vengeance. You make it up to him by being strong and doing what he needs you to do. Make the right decision for him. Make the right decision for the family.

Buzz: I don't know how. I can't let him slip through my hands like this. It's not just him. It's you, my love. I lose you.

Jenna: You can do it. You know why? Because you're his father. And he loves you with all his heart. Oh, my darling, Buzz, he needs you to let him go.

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