GL Best Lines Monday 2/16/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 2/16/09


Provided By Tanya

Coop: No. Are you still mad at me?

Lizzie: About you and my mom? I don't get it, okay? But I didn't want anything bad to happen to you.

Coop: I know. You just act tough.

Lizzie: We have had a couple of completely crazy years, huh?

Coop: It sucks when you can't be with the person that you love.

Lizzie: I am so sorry, I am so sorry for every selfish thing I ever did to you. When I was pregnant with Sarah-- I just-- oh, I was so awful to you, and I am so, so sorry, from the bottom of my heart. And when I heard about you and my mom, I was so angry. And I am sorry. Okay? I'm really sorry.

Coop: It doesn't matter now.

Lizzie: You should have listened to me, Coop. You should have listened to me! I told you that this was going to end badly. I told you that you would end up sorry.

Coop: I'm not sorry. Alan didn't marry Beth. I got the girl.


Beth: He saved Coop's life!

Lizzie: It's not all about Coop right now! What if he hasn't changed? The last time he saw Granddad, he got shot. Do you remember that? What if-- what if Dad is back for revenge?

Beth: Well, then Alan can take care of himself, can't he?

Lizzie: You don't give a damn about Granddad.

Beth: No, no, no, I don’t. He was trying to blackmail me into marrying him, and everything that is happening with Coop right now is because of him.

Lizzie: He was really good to you for a really long time, until you broke his heart.

Beth: Okay, okay, we can't do this. We can't argue. Coop is right. I need you, and you need me. And even though you don't want to admit it, you need your father, too.


Lizzie: You are such a confused, messed up woman. It is no wonder I have turned out the way that I did.

Beth: Honey, I am trying to make it peace with you.

Lizzie: I don't want to be like you. I think that you are weak and starry-eyed.

Beth: Okay. You know what? No matter what, your father still loves you.

Lizzie: Does he? Does that make everything okay? I think that sounds delusional. Love is not some walk in the park, Mom. It's a mugging.

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