GL Best Lines Thursday 2/5/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 2/5/09


Provided By Tanya

Dinah: There he is, my hot-shot D.C. connection. How's it going?

Jeffrey: Hello to you, too. How's your head?

Dinah: Well, it depends. If you have decided to handle Mr. Freak, Edmund Winslow or not. You know, he destroys people's lives, you know, not only as a habit, but as a career.

Jeffrey: Well, don't worry about him. Edmund is not going to be a problem. And I think it's a good thing-- I already told you-- that he is here in Springfield so that we can keep an eye on him while he grieves.

Dinah: My head is fine, but apparently, you're the one who's nuts.  

Olivia: Hey, you know, I just realized I didn't get a chance to introduce you to Natalia. I'm so sorry. Natalia, this is Beckyís mom and Owen's mom. Their kids go to the same school as Emma. And Natalia, of course, is the other star of my daughter's school project. But I'm guessing you already knew that, you know, since you were out there whispering about us behind our backs.

Natalia: Itís... it's nice to meet you.

Woman: Likewise. We really should be going.

Olivia: No, no, no. Don't you want to ask questions? Really, it's okay. Like, you know, what it's like to be two mommies together? Who fixes Emmaís lunch in the morning? Who goes on her field trips with her? We both have decided to share that responsibility, and the cooking, although she makes a mean chicken and rice and her lasagna is to die for.

Natalia: Olivia...

Olivia: And we work together at the Beacon. I don't know if you knew that. So we work together. But I have to say that I've never been happier in my entire life because not only is this woman a great mom, but she's smart and she is funny. And let's face it, she's a hottie.

Woman: Nice meeting you, Natalia. We're late for a PTA.

Olivia: Say hi to Becky for me and Owen, and call, we'll make a play date. That was fun. Hey, what did I say?  

Reva: Yeah, well, I'm sorry that I tricked you into getting you to go up to the cabin with me. I was just trying to do what was right for Shayne.

Dinah: No. You were doing what was right for you.

Reva: I was protecting him.

Dinah: From me. Big, bad Dinah.

Reva: Maybe I was wrong, okay?

Dinah: I'm sorry. I didn't quite catch that.

Reva: Maybe I was wrong, okay! About you and Shayne. About all of it. Maybe I can't help him and you can. 

Edmund: To Lara. You know, we could do more than just drink to her.

Shayne: Wow. You sound like my dad.

Edmund: (Laughs) Now, there's a first.

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