GL Best Lines Thursday 1/29/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 1/29/09


Provided By Tanya

Rick: You know, if you're not going to drink that, you might think about possibly donating it to somebody who could really use it.

Lizzie: (Laughs)

Rick: I was just kidding.

Lizzie: That's okay. The last time you should take a drink is when you really need one.

Rick: You know, I wish I had that insight when I was that young.  

Alan: It means I will fight for what is mine, Beth. No one will take what belongs to me. Because if they do, they will go to battle and I will crush them. I'm sorry, Beth, how has your day been? Is everything all right?

Beth: Yes, yes. I'm fine.

Alan: I must say, you look beautiful.

Beth: Thank you. Thank you.

Alan: I want you to come with me.

Beth: Where?

Alan: Upstairs. I have this need to see our daughter. You see, it's times like this that make me appreciate my family even more.  

Lillian: Beth? Oh, celebrating? Or is it just a little liquid courage?

Beth: Nice to see you, too, Mom.

Lillian: Honey... your daughter asked me to come and talk to you.

Beth: Oh, she's sending in the big guns, huh?

Lillian: Well, she's worried about you.

Beth: I suppose you didn't tell her to mind her own business? You know, the two of you are very lucky that I'm not the "I told you so" type.

Lillian: Meaning something's changed? Something's happened that I don't know about?

Beth: Give me a little time. Just give me time.

Lillian: Will I have to stay in my bomb shelter until that moment?

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