GL Best Lines Thursday 1/22/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 1/22/09


Provided By Tanya

Christina: What are you doing here?

Remy: Wow, no good morning, husband? Thank you for the coffee?

Christina: Good morning, husband. Thank you for the coffee. What are you doing here?

Remy: Wow. Okay. I want to take you out.

Christina: Where?

Remy: Wherever the day takes us.

Christina: You do know that the MCAT scores are being posted later today?

Remy: Those are today?

Christina: You are so transparent.  

Mallet: Well, it turns out that for us to have a baby of our own together... it's just not going to happen.

Dinah: Well, you could always adopt. And since that baby is equal part neither one of you, you have a great chance of making it all yours, if that makes any sense.

Marina: Actually...

Mallet: It kind of does.

Marina: So what... what was it like for you?

Dinah: Well, don't worry. Not all adopted kids turn out like me.

Marina: No. I didnít... I didn't mean it like that. I shouldn't have said anything.

Dinah: No. I think that, um, well, it was a good idea to set me up with a set of good parents, but, um, you know, being on the road, growing on the road, everybody raises you but no one raises you. But the baby that gets both of you is a lucky kid. And I would have given anything to have parents like you.

Marina: You know, usually I'm so by the book. Maureen should have gone before a judge. Maybe even gone to juvie. You know, at the end of the day, I just wanted to give her a hug, you know? Find out why she did it? Find out what I could do to help. I don't know, what does that say about my detective skills?

Mallet: I don't know, but I know what it says about your parenting skills. I liked having you as a partner, and I love having you as a wife. And the thought of watching you as a mom... Detective, we're not supposed to be doing that stuff at work.

Marina: I know, but I've already broken a couple of rules today. You know, it's funny, it took Dinah telling us to adopt a kid for us to figure that out.  

Marina: Oh, shoot. No, I forgot. This is why we can't have kids.

Mallet: Why can't we have kids?

Marina: Because I forgot to pay the phone bill, Mallet. What if I forget to feed a baby?

Mallet: You'll have me as backup.

Marina: Oh, really? You, who forgot to take the physical for the last 20 years.

Mallet: Yeah, I know. Kids need doctors, and doctors are expensive.

Marina: Yeah. Well, at least we know our own medical histories. You know, adopting a baby... who knows? What if the baby is allergic to you?

Mallet: Why would the baby be allergic to me?

Marina: I don't know. What if the baby is allergic to me? I mean, can babies even be allergic to people?

Mallet: I don't know. Maybe. I don't know.

Marina: We don't know these kinds of answers. Mallet, kids come to you and they have a lot of questions, and you have to be able to answer them.

Mallet: Well, I... maybe they'll grow up dumb.

Marina: Yeah, and it will be our fault.  

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