GL Best Lines Wednesday 1/21/09

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 1/21/09


Provided By Tanya

Coop: Look, I know that you're angry with me.

Lizzie: Good. Self awareness. That makes sense, you being a writer and all.

Coop: ( Sighs )

Lizzie: Oh, what, no witty comeback?

Coop: Lizzie, I just want to talk with you.

Lizzie: No, you don’t. No. You want my blessing to bang my mom. Oh, I'm sorry, did I go too far? Oh, no, wait, that was you.

Coop: You know, pushing is just going to make you...

Lizzie: Do you know what, Coop? Can you just take the hint? I don't want to talk to you!

Coop: Well, that's tough, because we're going to talk. This isn't just going to go away.

Lizzie: No. You need to go away, because you make me sick.


Olivia: Well, say something.

Natalia: I did. I asked you why you kissed me like that?

Olivia: Did you ever hear the expression, "Actions speak louder than words?" Natalia, I kissed you because you have got to be the most naive person on the planet. I mean, the whole time we're sitting there listening to Emma’s presentation, and all of those people are staring at you-- it didn’t... it didn't once occur to you what they might be thinking? I mean, the project was called "My Two Mommies," for heaven sake! How much more obvious can you get?

Natalia: I thought we were celebrating Emma! She doesn't think that...

Olivia: No. She's a kid. But every parent there thought we were a couple. And not just the parents, the teacher, too, Mrs. Jennings. She comes up to me after the presentation, and she goes on and on about "diversity" and how wonderful our situation is!

Natalia: Emma's teacher?

Olivia: Yeah.

Natalia: She thinks we're... well, did you set her straight?

Olivia: No pun intended? ( Laughing ) Oh, come on, it's funny. It's getting a little funny, isn't it?

Natalia: You're still drunk.

Olivia: Maybe a little.


Bill: Just walking my dog.

Lizzie: Your dog?

Bill: Yeah. Apparently, she didn't have a place to stay anymore, so I took her in. We've always been good to each other, right, huh? You always liked me. A little high maintenance as far as dogs go, but that's always been my type.

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