GL Best Lines Monday 1/19/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 1/19/09


Provided By Tanya

Beth: Why don't I take a walk, and then you can follow in a minute?

Coop: Sure. I'll wear my darkest sunglasses, and I'll wear a hat, as well.

Beth: That... that's not what I meant.

Coop: Stop hiding, Beth. Stop pretending you "just happen" to be in the neighborhood when you drop in.

Beth: Coop...

Coop: My dad knows. Lillian knows. Lizzie knows. And we are still here. Lightening has not struck us.

Beth: Well, wait until Alan comes home.


Lizzie: Everybody grows up. Well, I guess not everybody. You know, you never did tell me where you meet your lover. At a hotel? The back of the boarding house? No, no! Granddad's limo!

Beth: Don’t... don't do this. You know Coop. He hates sneaking around. He's brave. I'm the one who's scared. But watching you right now, I'm starting to get a lot braver.

Lizzie: Oh, great! Great! You're getting empowered, and Granddad is getting the shaft. Oh, love is so great!


Lizzie: Do not try to deny it. I know that Bill sent you here to "Talk some sense into me." Is that exactly how he said it?

Billy: Well, not exactly. He's, uh, smart enough to realize that love doesn't make any sense.

Lizzie: I am so O.D.'d on love, it is, like social security. Everyone talks about it, but no one actually does anything to fix it.

Billy: Well, now... as a person who's looking forward to social security-- and knows from whence it came-- let me tell you, back then, they were more bankrupt than they are now. They were so busy living for today that they forgot about tomorrow. And when tomorrow came, all they could get out of the sugar bowl was dust.


Natalia: I just hated having to ask him for another favor.

Olivia: Why? Why? He’s... he's crazy about you. The whole damsel in distress thing? I mean, it’s... no guy can resist that. Besides, you could do worse, you know.

Natalia: Are you okay?

Olivia: Yes. Yes. So what is he going to do? Is he going to transfer Rafe to Cedar's, or what?

Natalia: He said he would do what he could.

Olivia: That's it? That's what he said? You couldn't turn on the charm? You couldn't bat those brown eyes and flash that smile? Guys love that, Natalia. What?

Natalia: Wow! What did they put in the punch at school?

Olivia: ( Laughs )

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