GL Best Lines Friday 1/16/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 1/16/09


Provided By Tanya

Natalia: I don't know why you seem so worried. They loved Emma’s paper. That's why she was chosen to read it today.

Olivia: Well, I kind of wish she wasn’t.

Natalia: Why?

Olivia: Because... there are going to be a lot of smug parents there, you know, sitting there with their normal little families, with Mommy and Daddy and sister and dog, Spot. And what does she have to offer? A mother who has been married too many times, and an absent father and a crazy grandfather.

Natalia: I never realized this before. Emma's not the child; she's the grownup.

Buzz: Good job, Frank. You know what? I think we should do what Marina did to you that time you went out with that nice blonde girl. We'll talk you through it.

Frank: Yeah, that ended up real well. We all ended up in jail together.

Buzz: She was such a...

Coop: Hot piece of...

Buzz: Tramp. No. No. She was such a pretty girl. What happened to her?

Frank: I'm sure she moved far, far away. You know, that seems to be the pattern these days. I meet someone, spend some time with them, and then they have this burning desire to move across the country.

Coop: Lucky for you, Natalia just bought her house, so she's not going anywhere for a while. 

Lizzie: I don't believe that you would do this to me again! You read my diary! You read my diary again, and you used it to manipulate me!

Bill: No. Lizzie, listen to me. It's different this time.

Lizzie: It's different?

Bill: Yes! Because I needed to know what is going on inside your heart.

Lizzie: Then you ask me, Bill. You ask me!

Bill: Lizzie, would you have admitted that you want to turn this into something beautiful?

Lizzie: Yes.

Bill: No, you wouldn't have. Never! You wouldn't have. But when I read what you wrote in here, I know that you still wanted to believe in me. And I wanted to make that happen because I love you.

Lizzie: You lied to me before because you wanted to hurt me. And now you're lying to me because you love me. And you lie to me too much.

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