GL Best Lines Thursday 1/8/09

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 1/8/09


Provided By Tanya

Marina: Please tell me you've had a physical.

Mallet: Of course. You can't become a cop without one.

Marina: Okay. Wait. You haven't had a physical since you were in the Academy?

Mallet: When was the last time you had one?

Marina: We're not talking about me. We're talking about you. Okay? This is really big stuff. What if something were to happen to you? Do you have life insurance?

Mallet: No. Do you have a retirement account?

Marina: No.

Mallet: There you go.

Marina: Do you have a will?

Mallet: No! Do you have a will?

Marina: No! Who let us get married before we figured this stuff out?

Brooks: Which gives you the right to offer advice? You haven't even taken the bar exam yet.

Beth: I don't need to have taken the bar exam to see that this case is nothing but a nuisance to you.

Brooks: Do you want me to call your professor, let him know how your behaving?

Beth: Do you need his number? Or shall I give it to you? Look, this case may not be important to you, but to Lori Wilson, your client, it is very important. She is a single mother. She doesn't have the money to move if her landlord screws her. He knows that. That's why he's not fixing her heat. And as her attorney, it's your job to give her the best advice possible, even when it is pro bono and you're not making a cent.

Brooks: And who gave you the idea that you're capable of giving this advice?

Beth: I'd like to say it's me. I'd like to say that I had that kind of confidence in my abilities, but it took someone else. Someone very special, to make me realize what I could do.

Marina: If you have any questions, you can just ask me, right? My husband can be a little shy about things. He probably forgot to mention that he seems to be allergic to a couple of things, like doing the dishes.

Mallet: Hmm. Is that why you brought me to the doctor?

Marina: Actually, we're here because my husband has not had a physical in forever, and he's been having these leg cramps.

Mallet: Because I'm very macho.

Marina: I don't care if you're macho, just well.

Mallet: I know, but they're leg cramps. You worry about the oddest things.

Marina: That's not odd if I love you.

Dr. Mansfield: Okay. Time to drop your pants.

Mallet: I'm used to dinner first, maybe a glass of wine.

Marina: Mallet, behave!

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