GL Best Lines Wednesday 1/7/09

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 1/7/09


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Well, of course I'm right. Um, let me ask you something. The ring I got you, um... has it gone out of style?

Beth: No. ( Laughs ) No, of course not. Why?

Alan: Well, I notice that, uh... you're not wearing it. And if you didn't like it, all I have to do is call the jeweler, you can go down and pick out any ring you want.

Beth: The ring is beautiful, Alan. That's not it.

Alan: Then what is it? Because, Beth, every time I mention marriage to you, you change the subject.

Shayne: This is the thanks I get for saving your life?

Dinah: You practically dared that guy to do it! What the hell's wrong with you?

Shayne: It worked, didn't it? Byron never knew what hit him.

Dinah: You have some serious issues, you know that?

Shayne: And yet you came to see me. What does that say about you?

Dinah: That I need a hobby.

Emma: Granddad, it's me, Emma. I want to interview you for a paper.

Alan: Well, hello, Emma. Well, I would love it if you would interview me. I... I wasn't aware that you were old enough to work for the "Springfield Journal," though.

Emma: Not the paper! A paper, for Social Studies class. All about our family.

Alan: Well, I would be honored. I think it's time that you found out the real meaning of what family is.

Olivia: Let the brainwashing begin.

Alan: Well, there's nothing I can do for him now.

Natalia: Yes, there is. You could call. You could write. You could come visit. You could ask me about the grandson that you once claimed the future of Spaulding, the great hope.

Alan: Look, it's not my fault that he committed a felony and landed in jail.

Natalia: And one day if Emma makes a mistake, what happens then? Is she just going to be off your list?

Alan: Are you finished?

Natalia: Yes.

Alan: Good. Because you're quickly removing yourself from my list.

Olivia: Um... I'm sorry?

Natalia: Why? This is the best I've felt all year. ( Laughter )

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