GL Best Lines Tuesday 12/30/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 12/30/08


Provided By Tanya

Shayne: You could be using this time constructively. You could be looking for a date tonight.

Dinah: That's not what I'm looking for. Just a midnight kiss, that's all.

Shayne: Hmm. Four years. Four years, and nothing's changed on the menu.

Dinah: Show up at 11:59, for all I care. You know how many guys would give their left arm for a chance like this?

Shayne: Well, if I didn't have mine, I would just end up doing circles, so...

Dinah: ( Laughs ) Okay, so you're okay with a year of just being lonely? You're okay with that?

Shayne: Sometimes it beats the alternative.

Shayne: About your wedding... ( sighs ) it wasn't about you. I wouldn't-- didn't-- want to screw things up for you.

Marina: Well, you didn’t. We got married anyway. And guess what? We're really happy, too. Mallet said that he ran into you on Christmas. He really appreciated the apology.

Shayne: I... would never...

Marina: Yeah, well, you should have.

Shayne: I'm not going to. I would never apologize to him. I would apologize to you, though.

Marina: Why do you have to be like that?

Shayne: Be like what?

Marina: I don't even know you anymore. ( Sighs )

Doris: Well, I'm good. I thought maybe I could swindle a little New Year's kiss out of you.

Alan: Oh!

Doris: ( Laughs )

Alan: Maybe they should move you down to the psych ward!

Doris: ( Laughs ) Oh, yeah! Well, I would prefer Ravenwood. I hear there's a suite named for you there, isn't there?

Alan: ( Chuckles ) Very funny. Um... I don't know if I told you, but I'm going to marry Beth.

Doris: ( Coughing ) Sorry. ( Laughs ) Wow! I mean, I was kidding about the whole New Year's kiss thing, but wow, okay. All right. That's news.

Alan: Yeah, news.

Doris: Okay. All right, Romeo. ( Laughs ) Good. That’s... for real?

Alan: Yeah. Oh, well, we haven't, uh... you know, there are some details to be worked out, but other than that, everything's fine.

Doris: Yeah, I bet there are. ( Laughs ) Well, my condolences to Beth! Listen, tell her if she needs, you know, any tips from an ex- wife of yours, I'd be happy to help her out. But then again, you know what? She's already an ex-wife; she's all set.

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