GL Best Lines Monday 12/29/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 12/29/08


Provided By Tanya

Coop: Look, Dad, Beth does not belong over there. Anyone with two eyes can she that she’s not happy!

Buzz: I've got two eyes. You know what I see? I see you under Alan Spaulding’s car! Have you lost your mind?

Alan: I think this time, we should have a large wedding. I think that's what we deserve. Elizabeth will be the bridesmaid, Emma will be the flower girl... that sounds good. Yeah, and we deserve to have a great wedding this time. I made a lot of mistakes, and we've been through a lot together, Beth. Lost a child... but we have Peyton right now! And that's a good enough answer for us to stay together, huh? We have it all. All we have to do is keep the rest for the world in their place, huh? ( Chuckles )

Beth: Um... would you like a drink?

Alan: Oh, I'd love a drink. Yes! And Peyton and I can read! Come over here. And I am going to treat your mommy so well this time! I'll even baby-sit you, and we can read books while she's studying her law and becoming a famous attorney. That's what she wants to be.

Beth: I just want to be happy.

Alan: Well, you just take your time. Take your time, Peyton, and I'll just stay here, and maybe someday you'll decide to come and spend some time with us. After all, I think we can be pretty entertaining, can't we? ( Baby babbles ) Yes! Oh, cup... cup. Yeah. And one day, Elizabeth and James-- they'll all be here together under one roof. How did that sound, huh?

Beth: Sounds like a plan.

Lillian: You are the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world. It's no wonder Coop is dazzled by you.

Beth: Don't you get it?

Lillian: I get it!

Beth: It's been so long since...

Lillian: I get it! It's not... Phillip. Coop is not Phillip!

Beth: This is not about Phillip!

Lillian: Yes, it is about Phillip. Every single thing is about Phillip! Alan is about Phillip! Get your head together, sweetie.

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