GL Best Lines Tuesday 12/23/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 12/23/08


Provided By Tanya

Remy: This morning I delivered a baby. I started wondering what Max would have been like if he grew up. If this is too painful, just tell me to shut up.

Ava: No, it’s... no, don’t. It's fine. I like talking about it with you, especially because he was ours. When I try to talk about him with strangers, they just look at me with this worried expression, waiting for me to break into a hundred little, tiny pieces.

Remy: I know that look. But I'm sure better times are coming.

Ava: Yeah. Maybe my Christmas wish will come true: You and me, the sun in our faces, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Remy: Well, if we can ride on a bike, I'm in.

Ava: You'll go with me to San Francisco?

Remy: Merry Christmas.

Dinah: What...

Shayne: I didn't see that coming.

Dinah: ( Laughs ) That was a big mistake.

Shayne: Yes, it was. Absolutely. I mean, people with our kind of mojo, and we hook up... I mean, cats start barking and the rain falls sideways.

Dinah: We should go back to the tracks and lay down.

Shayne: Yeah, we should do it blindfolded, actually.

Dinah: Right.

Shayne: Right

Dinah: Okay, that was... that's good. I'm glad that's settled. Well, you know what? You should speak for yourself. My mojo is just fine.

Shayne: I'm sorry. I forgot. That's right. Didn't you just get involved in a kidnapping with your brother, Bill, who, not for nothing, just happens to be my cousin, and is probably going to do jail time because of it.

Jeffrey: You? You got a real Christmas tree?

Olivia: Oh, no, no, no, no. This is Natalia’s, so she's going to deal with the falling needles and the sap.

Jeffrey: Okay, that's better, because for a minute there, I thought you were being hijacked by the Christmas spirit.

Olivia: ( Laughing )

Remy: I, um... I sort of have a wife.

Ava: You're married?

Remy: She's not a real wife. I mean, she's real, but she’s... we're going to get a divorce. Look, we went to Mt. Arrowhead, we were drinking a lot, and that's how we woke up with rings on our fingers.

Ava: Okay. Well, where did you meet this wife of yours?

Remy: The mcats. Christina, she always, always wanted to be a doctor. And you know me, I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

Ava: But you always liked to help people.

Remy: Yeah, I do. But she’s... she's a natural. She's smart. She's dedicated. She sacrificed her whole life to get into med school. I mean, I would kill for that kind of passion. You know, she... hey, so let's hit the road.

Ava: Change of plans. I don't think you should go with me.

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