GL Best Lines Monday 12/22/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 12/22/08


Provided By Tanya

Alan: Unlike you and Elizabeth, because when she returns, you're going to be in jail. So why don't you save yourself a lot of trouble and just confess. Oh, bartender, put Mr. Lewis' binge on my tab.

Bill: Confess?

Alan: Yeah. Why, maybe the court will even go easy on you.

Bill: You know, Lizzie said something very interesting to me, something that happened while I was in the hospital. Yeah, you wanted to take the blame, say you did the kidnapping.

Alan: I did it for Elizabeth, to ease the suffering she was experiencing.

Bill: No. No. You are scared to death of prison, the tiny cells, the walls shrinking in on you.

Alan: It's called sacrifice, Bill. I put Elizabeth before anything else, even my own well-being. Unlike you.

Bill: You have never put anyone or anything ahead of your own self-interest.

Alan: You're drunk!

Shayne: What happened here? It's dry. It's cracked.

Josh: No. It just needs a little T.L.C., That's all. You know, I remember the day I got that for you. It was your birthday. You were so excited. You rubbed it down with saddle soap, put the ball in it, tied it around with your shoe string, and you kept it by your bed all night.

Shayne: We're playing different games now.

Josh: Okay. Let's play this one: High stake darts for a dollar. Unless you're afraid that I'll kick your butt, of course.

Shayne: A dollar.

Josh: We take euros, too.

Shayne: Ha ha! Oh! Ooh!

Josh: ( Laughing ) Well, obviously, you've been doing a lot more than just clearing landmines over there.

Shayne: Obviously, I could say the same thing about you saving souls here.

Josh: ( Laughing ) Oh, come on. Am I being hustled here by a guy in a wheelchair? Is that what is going on?

Dinah: You know, what's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? Do you think everything is a game? You think you're invincible? You're not. One day you're going to go too far, you're going to risk too much, and then... done.

Shayne: What's your problem? Bill's innocent. You said so yourself.

Dinah: It doesn't matter. The only way I'm going to prove anything is if I confess.

Shayne: Dinah, you can't do that.

Dinah: It's not even about me right now. Because Alan... Alan is going to get implicated, and that means that is going to put my brother into a high danger area.

Shayne: All they have is circumstantial evidence. They can't prove anything.

Dinah: But they will. You said they will, because that's the way the world works. That's the way the world works. You love someone, and you're sure to lose them.

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