GL Best Lines Friday 12/19/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 12/19/08


Provided By Tanya

Natalia: This cross has gone everywhere with me-- ever since my confirmation.

Olivia: Huh. Okay, look, I'm not trying to disrespect your religion. I'm really not. I just don't know why it has to be so public, so, you know, out there.

Natalia: Itís... it's my house. If I want to hang things in my house, I should be able to, you know...

Olivia: You're right. You own the house, but I pay the bills. So the way I see it is... we're... we're kind of... it's even.

Natalia: Fine. I will put this in my bedroom.

Olivia: Oh, careful. Careful with that.

Natalia: What is this? This is really ugly!

Olivia: No, no, no. It's supposed to be like that.

Natalia: What is it?

Olivia: No. It's supposed to be like that. It's a Kolinkov.

Natalia: It's like an... ugly cheese grater.

Olivia: Hey, you know what? It's a Kolinkov. He's a very important modern artist.

Natalia: Okay. I'm supposed to hide my cross, but you want to put your little Kolinky thing wherever you... No. It's a farmhouse, not an art museum.

Olivia: Hey, you know what? Putting something contemporary up against a rustic backdrop makes a statement.

Natalia: Okay. Well, thank you for the decorating tip, but you can go ahead and put this thing in your bedroom.

Shayne: Why didn't she tell me?

Jeffrey: She thought that you had been through enough.

Shayne: Cancer... again.

Jeffrey: Yeah. She's got cancer. She's pregnant. She's getting the chemo. She's not sure if the chemo is going to affect the baby. She's not even sure she's going to live long enough to see the baby.

Shayne: I can't believe this. Wait... wait. How is she getting treatment when she's pregnant?

Jeffrey: Somehow, the baby doesn't absorb the chemo. It's some miracle of modern medicine. She's still very worried.

Shayne: She must be terrified.

Jeffrey: Now you know why you have to stay.

Shayne: You know, if I'm not here, though, it's going to be one less thing for her to worry about.

Jeffrey: It's back. That smile, that twinkle in your eye. I... I thought I would never see that again.

Ava: Me, too. I still really miss him.

Jeffrey: I know.

Ava: Losing Max wasn't just losing a child. It was like losing faith in myself and in the world.

Olivia: Thanks. Oh, that's great. See, you're helpful. And Natalia, I like her, but she -- she goes out of her -- it's not like she goes out of her way to be difficult, but we're so different.

Christina: Different isn't always such a bad thing. Two people can think they hate each other, and once they spend a little time together, that can change for the better.

Olivia: Or worse.

Christina: Because sometimes someone comes into your life under the strangest circumstances, and that's when you need them the most.

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