GL Best Lines Thursday 12/18/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 12/18/08


Provided By Tanya

Josh: You know, maybe he's a whole lot more like you than either of us realize. I mean, think about it. He can't do anything the easy way.

Reva: Okay, now I'm really scared.

Beth: Oh, so we're going to China on business?

Alan: Yes. I thought maybe if the entire family went, that might convince her to go with us and then we could save Elizabeth and the company.

Beth: You're using my daughter to try to convince me to go away with you?

Alan: I would never do that. Tell me, is it working? Huh?  

Beth: Okay. It started out as a distraction, with everything going on with Alan and with Lizzie. But the more I see of Coop, the more important-- Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, I'm not going to hurt your son.

Buzz: I can see you're torn about this, but he isn't. Let me tell you something about that boy. He has a mind like Aristotle. And he writes like Homer, and I'm a Greek, and that means a lot to me. There's not a thought, not a word, that that boy writes that is jaded. You're going to snuff it out for him?

Beth: I think you're being a little dramatic, don't you? I mean, he's a grown man. He's had other relationships.

Buzz: Yeah, one with your daughter. One would think that would give you pause! But you're not pausing, are you? You're just going full-steam ahead on a road to nowhere.

Beth: That is true with every relationship. You don't know--

Buzz: Look in your damn rear-view mirror! Alan Spaulding's back there. He's about two steps behind. You'll break his heart, he'll break the rest. End it now.  

Coop: Dad, this is not about you and me. I'm not paying Alan Spaulding rent, and I certainly don't need his permission to live my life, okay?

Buzz: What this isn't about is about you bulldozing through his front gate. You're messing with a man's manhood. Do you know what's in this guy's rolodex? Senators, heads of state, CEOs of oil companies. You know what the difference between him and you and me is? He doesn't have consequences. He kills somebody, he has breakfast the next day. We go to jail. So you want to mess with his woman, you want to pleasure his woman, you tell me before he finds out, because I'm going to need an hour to kill him before he kills you.

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