GL Best Lines Tuesday 12/9/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 12/9/08


Provided By Tanya

Shayne: Weddings are a joke, aren't they?

Dinah: You lied to me twice about your name, and now you're here, thousands of miles away from where we met?

Shayne: The bride and the groom are always so hopeful. It's sad, really. Suckers buying into a delusion that love is going to conquer all. What a crock.

Dinah: (Laughs) You practically cut my head off for trying to help you in Germany, and now you're here. You're following me around in my town. Are you a stalker? Seriously, because this is starting to look like something out of a stalker's handbook.

Christina: This place is really nice. But where is everyone?

Remy: Beats me. Marina called us to be witnesses. Maybe they decided to bag it.

Christina: Those two are having as much trouble getting married as we are getting divorced.

Mallet: Frank... you going to let her go any time soon?

Frank: I'm thinking about it. (Laughter) I have a few questions first.

Marina: Dad, please don't make me hurt you on my wedding day.

Eleni: Frank, let her get married.

Frank: Well, you know what? A dad has certain job responsibilities on the day of his daughter's wedding and... A.C. Mallet, do you promise to always take good care of her?

Mallet: Yes, sir.

Frank: Do you promise to always put her first?

Mallet: Absolutely.

Frank: Do you promise to be the man that she deserves to be with from this day forward?

Mallet: She deserves nothing short of my best shot.

Frank: And do you promise to never, ever call me dad? (Laughter)

Mallet: Well, thank you. Are you here because of the wedding?

Dinah: I didn't plan on coming. I just ended up here.

Mallet: One last good-bye.

Dinah: No. It's never been that simple with us, has it? I guess it's the way you just can't stop staring at an accident.

Mallet: That's a... that's a great analogy.

Dinah: That came out wrong. That came out wrong. What I meant is that, you know, even though that what you're about to look at is going to be so upsetting, you just can't help but look.

Mallet: Maybe you should go home.

Dinah: Maybe I thought you wouldn't go through with it. Maybe I thought... I was hanging on to something, hanging on to one tiny little hope of some sort.

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