GL Best Lines Thursday 12/4/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 12/4/08


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Rafe: Wow! I'm sorry. How is my mom?

Frank: She's working too hard. She's running herself into the ground. She's trying to make up for that money that she lost. And it just... it kills me to see her like this. You guys are like family, you know what I mean. You guys are like honorary Cooper’s here. I don't know, it's like we're connected.

Rafe: All right. Why don't you just admit that you want to get with my mom?

Mallet: Wait. That was a kiss of someone who's got a lot to do and is thinking about getting it done. I want to make sure that you're not jumping into this wedding for all of the wrong reasons.

Marina: No. Mallet, ever since you asked me to marry you, it felt right. Mallet, I've always liked you. Even back when we were just partners. I was attracted to you then. But I was a smart girl and I kept my mouth shut and my hands to myself.

Mallet: Oh, my God, you turn me on.

Marina: I'm serious. It just... always... it always felt so right, you know? I mean, we were friends and partners and roommates. Oh, my God... don't you see? It's just been a natural progression. I don't want to wait to be your wife. I don't want to wait for any of this. I would have married you back at the casino. But I needed to make sure that you were sure.

Coop: Frank and Dad bought tickets for us to go on a family vacation, to Greece, to go see...

Marina: Harley?

Coop: Uh-huh. We leave in a couple of days. And Frank has already arranged for you to have some time off of work. So all you have to do is just pack your bags and get on the plane.

Marina: I can't believe they did this without asking me.

Coop: It's kind of why they call it a surprise. It's a Cooper family project. So you can't say no, really. What? What is it? Is this about the house? Because there's a project for that, too. As soon as we get back, we're all going to pitch in and help you do it up, just like we did for Harley. We'll make it into the palace of your dreams that you've been talking about. So we'll go ahead...well, I think we're just going to change the leaky faucets. But don't worry, I'm not going to touch the plumbing or the electric, I promise.

Marina: Did anyone ever once consider that I might have a life?

Coop: No. You're part of the Cooper army. You're like a private.

Marina: What if I go awol.

Coop: Why would you want to do that? Marina? Hey... what are you doing?

Marina: Getting a beer.

Coop: Don't you think it's a little early to be doing that?

Marina: No. It comes with the territory.

Eleni: I want you to tell me how you feel about my daughter.

Mallet: Um... well, how do I feel about your daughter? It's kind of complicated. I mean, it's, um... what do I feel? Well, like right now? I wish she was here because I miss her, and she makes everything better when she's around. And I don't just love her, I like her.

Eleni: That's nice. Very important.

Mallet: And you should see her on a job. You'd be so proud of her. She's such a great cop. And she’s... she's very beautiful. And she's compassionate, and she's kind. And, um... she's very funny. She's a funny girl. There is really nobody else like her. And I highly respect her, totally. Everybody does. Marina is... she's just Marina. You know my history.

Eleni: Yeah.

Mallet: I loved Harley, and I loved Dinah, and I don't regret a minute of my time that I spent with either one of them, but those relationships were born in fire, and they never quite left it.

Eleni: Fire?

Mallet: You know, constant drama. A lot of drama. And none of that lasts. And Marina and I were friends first. And what we have, we built on solid ground. Kind of like this house. It doesn't wobble in every wind, and it doesn't leak in every storm. And it never will. We just get each other, you know?

Eleni: I'm beginning to.

Mallet: Good. Because I know it's very important to Marina, to have your blessing, and it's very important to me as well.

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