GL Best Lines Wednesday 12/3/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 12/3/08


Provided By Tanya

Coop: Fine, you know what? Based on your many, many years of experience, what do you recommend? What’s your opinion here?

Buzz: My opinion is that you are out of your mind.

Coop: Fine, if you’re gonna be that way, just...

Buzz: I get it, she’s a beautiful woman, but...

Coop: But, but, but what Dad?

Buzz: But, it is safer for you to have a love affair in that kitchen with my deli meat slicer.

Coop: I was at the campus library. And Beth was there writing a paper for law school. We started talking. You know, we just connected. And we just kept on connecting.

Buzz: Uh-huh. How connected are you.

Coop: It's no big deal.

Buzz: Yeah. That's what Beth said. I didn't believe her, either. And now I really, really don't believe you. Don't you want to be with a woman, a woman with a future? Not Alan Spaulding’s wife.

Coop: Beth is not with Alan.

Buzz: She's with Alan. She lives with him in the same house. They have a baby together. Come on, you were always the level-headed one.

Coop: Maybe I'm just tired of thinking things through. All right? I don't-- I'm tired of being the good guy. The nice guy who always ends up being screwed. I don't want to be like Frank.

Coop: I wouldn't have expected you to step foot into a place like this. Slumming?

Alan: If I want to find a Cooper, I don't go to the country club.

Mel: Well, everyone deserves representation, guilty or innocent.

Bill: You think I'm guilty?

Mel: Are you?

Bill: Are you representing me?

Mel: Yes.

Bill: I'm innocent.

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