GL Best Lines Monday 12/1/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 12/1/08


Provided By Tanya

Bill: So... what else did I miss?

Lizzie: Nothing.

Bill: Nothing? No major news events? No celebrity gossip?

Lizzie: Come on, you hate that stuff.

Bill: So our deal kind of fell apart, right?

Lizzie: With Decker?

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: No. It’s... it's fine, actually. Stop worrying about business, okay. It's Thanksgiving. Let's just be grateful, okay.

Bill: Sarah's birthday?

Lizzie: Well, can you tell me how a guy in a coma is the only person remembered that? Thank you.

Bill: Did you hear anything from Jonathan?

Lizzie: No. I gave a card to Reva, just in case she knows how to get it to them.

Bill: Lizzie, the first thing we do when I get out of here, we're going to get your daughter back, okay? Okay? Before business, before anything.

Soldier: So let me guess. It's about that time of year that people like you realize that you have nothing to be thankful for. You're going to decide to turn your crappy life around and make a fresh start of things. So you come all the way here to visit us cripples for a few hours to make yourself feel like a better person. How am I doing so far?

Dinah: My life is fine. I'm just here to be with people who are less fortunate.

Soldier: Uh-huh. Dinah, why aren't you home at Thanksgiving? Can't stand your family, can you? Or maybe they can't stand you.

Dinah: This is a mistake. This is a mistake. You are incredibly ungrateful, and I don't do this kind of thing anyway. You just go back to your music and happy Thanksgiving.

Remy: It’s... it's a test. No one likes taking them, and it's over, so would you like more whipped cream on that pie?

Christina: What, you don't want your family to know how I did?

Remy: That's not what I said.

Christina: You're embarrassed.

Remy: Could you cool it?

Christina: I'm sorry that I don't fit into your perfect family picture, okay? I'm sorry that I came.

Remy: Why did you?

Christina: Because you hung up on me.

Remy: I was going to call you back.

Christina: Well, maybe now you would like to rush the paperwork, okay? So I don't crash anymore of your family holidays.

Clayton: What paperwork are we working on?

Christina: I don't care if your family knows that I failed the test! I don't care if they know everything! Let me reintroduce myself. I am not Remy’s friend. I'm Remy’s wife. Nice to meet you.

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