GL Best Lines Wednesday 11/26/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 11/26/08


Provided By Tanya

Mallet: No, no, no, I'm not drinking today. I'm not drinking.

Coop: Seriously?

Frank: How do you plan on keeping your sanity, then?

Coop: More importantly, how do you watch football without beer?

Jeffery: ( Sighs ) Okay. How are we going to do this?

Reva: Well, I guess we pretend I'm not pregnant, I don't have cancer and that we're still talking to each other. I have to change.

Jeffery: You have to change your mind.

Reva: My clothes.

Josh: Yeah, I'm going to stop by the hospital later, see if he's there. So you've... you've not heard anything at all from Marah or Shayne?

Reva: Nope. And I couldn't stop thinking about them last night. All of them, I mean Jonathan, Dylan... it's Sarah’s birthday.

Josh: You okay?

Reva: Sure. You know, none of my kids want to spend a major holiday with their mother, but I'm great!

Josh: Yeah. My kids, too.

Reva: Yeah, well, not all of them are yours. But I... I... do get to try it again. Can't take any chances.

Josh: Chances with what?

Reva: ( Sighs ) You know, we'll... we'll talk about it, but not today.

Josh: Reva? Come here. Sit down. Reva, you are a good mother. We have a couple of amazing kids. You think that happened without any help from you?

Reva: Yes, because you were twice the parent I ever was.

Josh: No. I just happened to be there a little more when they were growing up. But look at Jonathan. I mean, he came to this town, he was an angry young man. You believed in him; you helped him. And look at Dylan. I mean, he's such a wonderful combination of both you and Billy.

Reva: Well, that's very nice, Joshua. It's very Thanksgiving-y of you. Is this the part where you tell me I should count my blessings?

Josh: No. This is the part where I tell you that it's time to forgive yourself.

Mallet: You know what Reva was talking about, you know, having that one person that you can count on?

Marina: Yeah.

Mallet: You're my one person. And it's not enough for me just to know that. You need to know it-- how much I love you.

Marina: You're my person, too. And nobody else needs to know it. Just you. I love you. And you don't need to... stand on a chair or listen to the people at Company and yell so everyone knows it, okay? We pulled it off. Man, if we can do this, we can do anything.

Mallet: Yes, we can do anything. We can get married. I'm tired lately of being blasted with everyone's opinions on how we should live our lives. The only thing I know for sure is I want to marry you.

Marina: I want to marry you, too.

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