GL Best Lines Monday 11/24/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 11/24/08


Provided By Tanya

Lizzie: I have a question.

Doris: Miss Spaulding, I'm sure that you are still emotional from your ordeal.

Lizzie: Well, I'm not emotional. I'm just curious. Why are you trying to railroad my partner, Bill Lewis? Why won't you call me as a witness? Are you afraid that I will expose this case for the travesty of justice that it is? Oh... ( laughs ) that was three questions, wasn't it? I'm sorry.

Mallet: Excuse me, I don't have a problem. I went to get married the other day, I was going to be married but you backed out of it. I don't have a problem.

Marina: I'm supposed to take the blame.

Mallet: Marina, damn it, I told you that day how much you mean to me. I told you how much I love you.

Marina: Yeah, Mallet. In private, when it comes to saying it in public you're just a big wuss.

Mallet: (Laughs) Wuss? Did you just call me a wuss?

Marina: Yeah, wuss. There I said it again.

Alan: Elizabeth, don't cry. I can't stand it when you cry.

Lizzie: It's for Bill, okay? I know you don't understand this, okay, because you think... you think that maybe he did it. But I know that he is innocent! And I just need the chance to tell the grand jury that and tell them about the Bill that I know and love!

Alan: You got the coat removed as evidence. Now that's a huge thing!

Lizzie: Maybe it is. But I don't know. What I do know is that tonight I will go home and I will sleep in his bed alone and I still won't know if he will ever share it with me!

Frank: What was the talk about marriage in the house before?

Mallet: We were joking, we were kidding.

Frank: Maybe you were. But when you can get the milk for free, why buy the cow, right, Pop?

Buzz: I don't like my granddaughter referred to as a cow.

Mallet: Free? I took out a mortgage, man. We took out a house together. I'll be paying that thing off until you're in a walker.

Frank: So here's the deal then. Maybe you should get married first then buy the house.

Mallet: Is that a Cooper rule? Maybe we're just doing things differently.

Frank: How convenient.

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