GL Best Lines Wednesday 11/19/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 11/19/08


Provided By Tanya

Blake: All right, so we just have to make sure everything works.

Matt: You know, why don't you ladies wrap everything, and then... and then hide it until the shower.

Blake: Have we met? What, are you crazy? Come on. Your job is to make sure these things work. I want you to get the bassinet, okay? Get that going. And, Buzz, I want you to make that cradle swing.

Matt: That's why he's so good with the ladies-- he just knows how to listen.

Lillian: Oh, I'm sorry, honey. Are we driving you crazy?

Jeffrey: Just tell me what you're most afraid of.

Reva: It's not the finding out; it’s... it's what comes next. You know, if I go back on my meds, is that going to put the baby at risk?

Jeffrey: Well, you know what? We can talk about that. We can talk all about that once we know what we're dealing with.

Reva: For me, there's no option. I already made up my mind. And now you sound like you're changing yours.

Jeffrey: What's the point? What's the point of having a baby if you are not going to be there? I want you there, okay? I want you there-- for the birthday parties, for the first days of school. Okay? For the graduations, for the weddings, for the grandkids.

Reva: We'll be ancient, we'll be ancient.

Jeffrey: I hope so.

Reva: I'm sorry that I got you into this.

Jeffrey: We got each other into this, okay? And you know what? We're going to get each other through it. So let's take these tests, okay, because I want our baby to know that his mother is going to be around for him.

Reva: But ultimately, it's my decision, right? I mean, you keep saying it's our decision, but in the end, it really comes down to my life versus the baby’s.

Doctor Alcott: It could come to that, but we can't assume anything.

Reva: Well, that's all I need to hear. So you can go ahead and run whatever tests you need to run.

Jeffrey: Reva...

Reva: But I don't really need to know the results because I've already made my decision. My baby's life comes first.

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