GL Best Lines Tuesday 11/18/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 11/18/08


Provided By Tanya

Christina: I think I'm dying.

Remy: You're not dying. You smell like it, though.

Christina: Then I want to die.

Remy: It's probably true.

Christina: I slept in a bathtub.

Remy: I noticed.

Christina: I... slept... in a bathtub.

Remy: You're... not... the first.

Christina: It's a first for me. God, where are we?

Remy: The casino.

Christina: Right. Is this what a hangover feels like?

Remy: Headache, dizzy, dry mouth, nauseous and hungry at the same time?

Christina: That about covers it, yes.

Remy: Now you know. It's on the next m-cats.

Alan: It's better out here. You never know when Vanessa or Billy may walk into the house.

Cyrus: Hard to set someone up when his parents are right under your roof.

Grady: Remind me whose side your you're on again.

Cyrus: I took the tape, didn't I?

Alan: Yes, and maybe you should take that tape back to the police station before they realize it's missing.

Grady: Think you can handle that?

Cyrus: There's nothing I wouldn't do to help you, Grady, but I can't frame Bill Lewis.

Grady: What do you care about him?

Cyrus: He's an innocent man.

Alan: An innocent man? He may not have kidnapped Elizabeth...

Cyrus: May not have? ( Laughs )

Alan: No, but he's made her life miserable and will continue to make her life miserable as long as she lets him.

Cyrus: He's in a coma.

Alan: Yes, and she continues to sit beside his bed reading him romance novels.

Cyrus: She loves him. You remember what that feels like don't you?

Mel: Congratulations.

Remy: Here we go.

Mel: What? There are worse things in the world than being married to that girl.

Remy: You told me you don't like her.

Mel: Yeah, I told you I don't like her, because if I told you I liked her, you would have ran the other way. She's a good catch. She's smart, she's ambitious, she could be good for you.

Remy: So you want me to stay with a girl, stay married to a girl I've only known for, like, a couple weeks?

Mel: I'm not saying that going into a drunken marriage was good judgment, but I'm saying don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

Remy: It's a stupid expression.

Mel: Who knows? You guys could be made for each other. I mean, you already argue like a married couple.

Remy: Get the annulment or I'll find a new sister.

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