GL Best Lines Monday 11/17/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 11/17/08


Provided By Tanya

Marina: When you see your ex-wife, give this back to her.

Mallet: Would you stop? Dinah's out of town, you know that, Vanessa told me so.

Marina: And you've been looking for her every since she left. My father told me so.

Mallet: In case she knows anything more about the kidnapping. Come on. I'm trying to put the pieces together.

Marina: So am I, Mallet. They fit together about as well as this ridiculously ugly piece of junk. Where did she get this, anyway? Oh, look, Mount Arrowhead, and where do you want to take me? Mount Arrowhead.

Mallet: I want to marry you, because it's not enough just to be your roommate or your partner or even some kind of co-chaperone with Daisy. I want to marry you, because I want to wake up beside you in the morning with your bad breath and your messy hair and that paperback on your lap from where you fell asleep the night before. And I want to hear you sing in the shower. And I want to watch you turn off those gory autopsy shows before you know I'm going to walk into the room. And I want to marry you, because I love to check under the kitchen sink every night and find those cheesy detective magazines that you keep hidden there.

Marina: ( Laughs ) you know about those.

Mallet: I want every guy on the force to know that you're mine, that you're taken. Is any of this good enough, or should I keep going?

Marina: Well, I don't really have bad breath, do I?

Mallet: When you have your dad's onion soup, yeah.

Marina: ( Laughs )

Marina: Okay, tell me now why you want to marry me.

Marina: Oh! I want to marry you because, um... um... because...

Mallet: We're on a clock.

Marina: No!

Mallet: Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Marina: I want to marry you because I want to go to bed every night next to my personal hero.

Mallet: I like that one.

Marina: The bravest and the smartest cop that I know.

Mallet: Can we add devastatingly handsome to that?

Marina: Oh, yeah, we can add that.

Marina: And because I think I might love you.

Mallet: Be sure.

Marina: I'll risk it! ( Laughs ) Just promise me one thing, okay? One thing? Any wedding gifts that we may get from Dinah go straight to the landfill.

Mallet: What if it's like a 50-inch plasma TV?

Marina: Okay, like if it's a 50-inch hi-def plasma TV with surround sound and picture in picture.

Mallet: Deal. Oh, that's a deal.

Marina: Remy, oh, my gosh, just the folks we need.

Remy: I'm off duty but if it's an emergency...

Mallet: Big emergency. Me and this hot little red let are tying the knot!

Marina: We're getting married.

Remy: Oh my... that's not an emergency, that's a catastrophe!

Remy: You can always back out you know.

Mallet: May I remind you that my bride to be is a better shot than I am.

Remy: Yeah, she is.

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