GL Best Lines Friday 11/14/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 11/14/08


Provided By Tanya

Buzz: There is no other guy?

Mallet: Exactly. And I can't prove that there was, because I didn't see the kidnapper. I didn't hear the kidnapper. I don't even have a second set of footprints. I don't have any hard proof to back up Bill's story.

Buzz: Well, maybe that's because it is just a story. Maybe he just went through the motions to make it look real.

Mallet: No, I don't think so. Bill asked me to meet him there. He didn't know I was going to be late, right? And if I would have been on time, then I would have seen the kidnapper.

Buzz: Well, maybe the kidnapper wouldn't have shown, you know? Maybe when you weren't there, he decided to improvise a little bit, you know-- made up this other guy.

Mallet: I thought you liked Bill.

Buzz: The guy was going to tear down my restaurant and build a mall here! He's a pretty ruthless guy.

Josh: (Scoffs) Oh, come on! You honestly believe that I was hanging out on the other side of that door looking through the peephole, waiting for you to leave, just so I could "accidentally" run into you in the hallway?

Reva: Maybe.

Josh: (Laughs) Reva, I'm sorry it's such a burden for you to live next door to me. But keep something in mind, okay? Next time you think I'd actually do something like that, remember-- I was here first. You're the one who moved in next to me.

Reva: I am the one who's pregnant, Joshua. Why are you so hormonal?

Reva: What? You think being close to you is going to be hard because my husband is so far away?

Josh: It kind of looks that way, doesn't it?

Reva: The world does not revolve around you, Joshua Lewis. Not mine, not anymore.

Josh: Reva, relax. I'll give you your space, okay? I promise. If I see you in the hallway, I won't talk to you. If I see you in the restaurant, I'll sit across the room. Hmm? Better?

Reva: No. No, actually, what would be better is if I move back home. I never should have gone to the Beacon anyway. I didn't want to. Because I hate being babied, almost as much as I hate being condescended to.

Josh: I'm going to miss Jeffrey’s late-night guitar playing, I know that.

Reva: I can only hope that Keith Richards moves in right next door to you.

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