GL Best Lines Tuesday 11/11/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 11/11/08


Provided By Tanya

Cyrus: (Sighs) It was Cassie. I was just checking in on her and R.J., seeing how they're liking Hawaii.

Daisy: Hmm. Yeah, you two were, uh... involved, right? Hey, uh... did you ever notice how women tend to leave town after you hook up with them?

Cyrus: Yeah, I've noticed.

Daisy: Um... whatever. Actually, I'm here on official police business. I'm not kidding. I told you about the... the task force, right?

Cyrus: Yeah, I remember something about that. It's a long way from selling fake IDs, isn't it?

Daisy: Thanks for reminding me.

Cyrus: I was kidding! I'm proud of you, Daisy.

Daisy: Just hold that thought until you hear what I want to talk to you about. It's about Grady.

Alan: Hilda! Get me a brandy, I'm going to need it. (Phone rings) Pick up, you imbecile. (Phone rings)

Grady: Ugh!

Alan: Listen, when I call you, I expect you to pick up on the first ring.

Grady: My apologies. You sound tense.

Alan: My one chance to surgically remove Bill Lewis from my company is in your incapable hands. "Tense" doesn't even cover it.

Ashlee: You know, the service in this place has gone downhill since I've left.

Buzz: Ah! What are you...

Ashlee: How are you doing?

Buzz: Hey, listen, I'm short handed. Can I get you back here?

Ashlee: Ah, perhaps, um, if you double my salary and get me fine designer duds like Dinah does.

Buzz: Oh, really? I suppose, like, a case of eggplant wouldn't, you know...

Ashlee: No, no!

Ashlee: Oh, this just in, you're a genius!

Coop: I didn't do anything, all right? She just needed an extra set of eyes to look at her paper.

Ashlee: She needed eyes to look at her paper because she was too busy looking you up and down.

Coop: Oh, come on, Ashlee, I dated her daughter.

Buzz: I'm dating her mother. Gee, how poetic.

Ashlee: You know, I mean, maybe you should ask her out. She's not married right now at least.

Buzz: That's true.

Coop: Are you guys nuts?

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