GL Best Lines Wednesday 11/5/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 11/5/08


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Marina: Oh. I was waiting with champagne. It was all... it was all ready. ( Laughs ) I kept checking the parking lot for you to see, if you were here yet. What happened?

Mallet: Oh, I just wanted to get Dinah up to speed on the kidnapping.

Marina: Today? On the day that we buy our first house together? It's supposed to be one of the biggest days in a couple's life.

Mallet: Well, it only took a few minutes.

Marina: I was waiting here with champagne, and you were there with her, when you could have told her any of that information on the phone on your drive over here.

Mallet: Okay. But I'm here now, so I'm... let's celebrate.

Marina: (Scoffs) Don't you think it's a little weird that we close on a house, and the first place you go is to her?

Mallet: Don't you think you're overreacting a little bit?

Marina: No, Mallet. I think overreacting would be if I were to pour this entire warm bottle of champagne over your head right now. So I think I'm showing remarkable restraint.

Mallet: Are you freaked out because we bought a house?

Marina: This has nothing to do with real estate.

Alan: All I want you to do is go and talk with the press; assure our investors that Spaulding is stronger than ever.

Lizzie: That's all?

Alan: Yeah, that's all. As a matter of fact, you won't even have to leave the hospital. I'll bring them here.

Lizzie: No. I should be doing this with Bill.

Alan: Yes, you should. But, unfortunately, unconscious people don't make the best speeches.

Lizzie: I have waited a long time to run this company.

Alan: Yes, you have. Now let’s go.

Lizzie: But I have waited an even longer time to love someone the way I love Bill. I am not leaving him.

Mallet: Well, we... ha ha! So... uh... shoot. Give me some ideas here. In what situations would it be okay, you know, to help Dinah?

Marina: I don't know. I don't know. I suppose if her car was stuck in a swamp with hungry, flesh-eating alligators.

Mallet: Okay, good. That's a start. Hungry alligators. Good. What else?

Marina: Hmm. ( Laughing ) I'm sorry, let me just relish on that moment, that... that image just for a second.

Mallet: Come on, Marina. I mean, what if she shows up at our door at 3:00 and the morning because her apartment is on fire?

Marina: That depends. What is she wearing?

Mallet: Uh... a robe, a flannel robe that is all sooty from the fire.

Marina: Okay. But if anyone's clothes are even partially off, you lock the door, and you can call 9-1-1.

Mallet: Okay. see? See, this is good. All we need are some boundaries.

Marina: Yeah, and no touching, please, and that includes crying on shoulders.

Mallet: Okay. Okay. That's good. Shoulders are off-limits, reserved for you only. Can I at least offer her a handkerchief?

Marina: Doesn't she have sleeves?

Mallet: You're cute when you're jealous.

Mallet: Man, what is it with women? Why can’t they be reasonable?

Coop: Because then they'd be guys.

Mallet: Yeah, but it's over with Dinah, so why go nuts if we talk?

Coop: Oh, man.

Mallet: Ex-wife, small town, kind of hard to avoid. I mean, doesn't she realize that she comes first? I mean, we bought a house together. Here, here's the putter. It's a big commitment. What's her problem?

Coop: Look, this is a conversation that you really need to have with a non-family member, okay, buddy? I love you, but, still, please.

Mallet: No, no, no. This goes way beyond family, man. This is, like, international brotherhood.

Coop: Oh, boy, okay. So you're saying that because I'm a guy, I should be bound to your side of things because of the man code, right? Is that what you're saying?

Mallet: Yeah, you're damn right, man! When a woman starts to go off the rail, men to band together, go grab their drums and head off into the woods.

Coop: Just tell me we're not going to paint our faces and dance around a campfire. That's all I'm asking.

Mallet: No, but maybe we should get like, t-shirts. Maybe I should get a t-shirt that says, "Hey, Marina, I'm not married to Dinah anymore."

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