GL Best Lines Tuesday 11/4/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 11/4/08


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Decker: Lizzie, I'm so glad you're back. What a terrible ordeal.

Lizzie: It was very scary, but Bill didn't give up until he found me.

Decker: Yes, Bill is quite the publicity magnet.

Lizzie: Excuse me?

Decker: Of course I'm relieved you're safe, but I'm a little concerned about Bill's proclivity for landing in the middle of these dramas.

Lizzie: He was in an accident. He wasn't out clubbing with Lindsay Lohan.

Alan: Still, Elizabeth, Lawrence makes a very good point, and I think maybe we should rethink this.

Lizzie: Rethink what?

Alan: Bill's position, his partnership.

Lizzie: Fine, yeah. If you are so worried, I think you should take your deal and shove it.

Josh: Reva, he tried, but Cassie wasn't really...

Reva: Don't defend him. He's the D.A., for God's sake. He persuades people to do things that he wants them to do all the time.

Josh: We were too late.

Reva: Oh, and you. You make a living counseling people. Couldn't you have at least reasoned with her?

Jeffrey: Reva, Cassie didn't commit a sin, and Josh isn't a minister anymore.

Reva: Did you bring up all of the family holidays that she was going to be missing? Did you remind her of all the wonderful moments the two of you shared together?

Josh: You want me to resort to emotional blackmail, Reva? Really?

Reva: Hell, yes!

Josh: I need a drink.

Jeffrey: I'm going to have a double. After all, I am drinking for two now.

Reva: No, both of you! Focus! We are the last thing standing between Cassie and a terrible mistake. She's not thinking straight! She's not! She's been hurt and disappointed by the town thief, and her instinct is to run.

Josh: No, I don't think this is about Cyrus. I really don’t. She didn't seem hurt. In fact, she seemed very confident.

Reva: It was an act. Can't you tell? And you! This is all your fault. You didn't have enough to keep you busy? You had to mess with my sister?

Cyrus: I'm just here for the chili.

Reva: Cassie was still healing after what your thug of a brother did to her daughter, and you couldn't honor that, like any decent man would? You had to drag her into your capers?

Jeffrey: I think Reva’s got this. How about that drink?

Josh: Why not?

Josh: No one deserves happiness as much as you do.

Cassie: I figure I'm due.

Josh: Very much so, yes.

Cassie: I want to feel that happiness, you know? That kind of happiness that no one else can give you but yourself.

Josh: I'll miss you very much. And I'll miss R.J., too. You know, our marriage may have run its course, but you'll always be one of the most important people in my life. I love you. That has not changed.

Cassie: Right back at you. Thank you for everything you've given me.

Josh: Thank you for everything you've given me. You know, maybe the true test of loving someone is respecting what they need, and I've been sitting here, thinking about that very thing.

Cassie: What? How you can talk me out of this?

Josh: No. No. How I can help you to move on.

Cassie: I don't need a thing.

Josh: I think there's something I can do for you.

Cassie: Yeah? What's that?

Josh: Keep an eye on Tammy’s grave for you while you're away. See, that way she'll always have flowers, and she'll never be alone.

Reva: I had this whole lifetime before I ever even got to know you.

Cassie: Yeah, and you spent the rest of it fighting me.

Reva: Come on, it wasn't all that bad.

Cassie: It was a lot of the time.

Reva: I love you, and I don't want to lose you. And if that's being selfish, then tough.

Cassie: Well, maybe that's the problem. Maybe we're both selfish, and there's only room in this town for one selfish bitch-- and you got here first.

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