GL Best Lines Wednesday 10/29/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 10/29/08


Provided By Tanya

Billy: Well, we're all nervous, still waiting. But I'm real proud of you.

Josh: Well, thank you. Why?

Billy: Well, it's your intention to live with Reva in this small town and get along with her. I mean, I didn't expect you'd be able to do that.

Josh: It's not a problem. You know, the three of us, we're like this. I mean... and Jeffrey and I, we're like best buddies. In fact, we're going to go out and play a little golf together next week.

Billy: ( Laughing ) You are such a bad liar.

Lizzie: Do you think they're gone?

Bill: Well, they'd be stupid to stick around.

Lizzie: This is what they used. This is what...

Bill: Don’t... don't touch it. If the kidnappers used that, then there could be fingerprints on it, so just don't touch it, okay?

Lizzie: You're really good at this super hero thing.

Bill: Thanks.

Lizzie: I'm going to go try to find something else.

Bill: Okay. Sober up. Sober up, Lewis. Get yourself together. It's not over until Lizzie gets home.

Daisy: Look, I don’t... I don't care, okay? Sleep with him all you want, all right? It's just... I don’t... I think he's in trouble. What did you hire him to do?

Dinah: That's none of your business, Daisy, and I'm not sleeping with him.

Daisy: Look... Ashlee says he's never at the studio. What does that leave? His only job skills are breaking the law.

Dinah: I hired him as a handyman. He's actually building shelves.

Daisy: See, I know you're lying, because if you know anything about Grady, you would know he's lousy with tools, no. Cyrus is a handyman; Grady’s not.

Dinah: I need to go.

Daisy: Wait, hold on, it's just... Grady is not a bad person. He has bad instincts, okay? And he just needs someone who understands, who's not going to make things worse. He needs another chance and, please, just don't take that away from him.

Dinah: If Grady is in a spot, he has no one to blame but himself.

Reva: Okay, I want to know.

Jeffrey: ( Laughing ) No way!

Reva: I do. I want... I can find out if I have the amnio.

Jeffrey: When you have the amnio.

Reva: No, that's a whole other discussion we're going to have to have. But I want to know. I want to know. Is it... is it a boy or a girl?

Jeffrey: Well, which would you prefer?

Reva: I love babies, period.

Jeffrey: Good, because we're having one of those.

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