GL Best Lines Tuesday 10/28/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 10/28/08


Provided By Tanya

Dinah: All right. We need to probably cover our bases. Okay, we're going to start with the van. You're going to wipe it clean, and then we're going to ditch it. We're going to take it to the woods, preferably in a swampy area. Maybe we could sink it.

Grady: Did you talk to Lizzie while you're in there?

Dinah: Of course I didn’t.

Grady: Then what the hell is going on here, huh?

Dinah: Whatever we were trying to do, big mistake, all right? You stay the hell away from me, because I have an alibi to think about. Maybe you should find one, too, all right?

Natalia: Well, I'm giving you a chance to see him-- I mean, if you'll do it.

Daisy: Oh, of course. I mean, I'd do anything for him.

Natalia: I know you would. You've already done a lot for him, getting him his hearing.

Daisy: Yeah. Much good that did him. He just went away sooner.

Natalia: It just means he'll be home that much sooner. That's the way I think about it.

Daisy: Why me?

Natalia: Because I know that Rafe trusts you.

Daisy: Even if you don’t.

Natalia: This is me trusting you.

Daisy: Great. I won't let you down.

Lizzie: If this is really over, can you let me see your face? Not to pick you out of a lineup or anything like that. I promised you that if you let me go, I wouldn't do that. Look, if I don't see your face, I am going to spend the rest of my life looking at people-- looking for you, wondering if every man I see is you. I'll never feel safe.

Olivia: Natalia, I could have done this without you.

Natalia: Yes, you've said that.

Olivia: I could have done it without you, but it was better because you were here.

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