GL Best Lines Monday 10/27/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 10/27/08


Provided By Tanya

Dinah: Luckily she's still breathing.

Grady: You didn't think I would have killed her?

Dinah: Tammy Winslow?

Grady: Tammy Winslow was a mistake, and so is this.

Dinah: Okay, you're making a lot of those lately.

Grady: Yeah, well I didn't bring my ex to a drop.

Dinah: So what does that mean?

Grady: It means we're both making mistakes.

Mallet: You're doing that thing you always do around Bill and Vanessa. You're always discounting yourself.

Dinah: No, I'm just... I'm making up for lost time with Bill.

Mallet: Well, why do you need Bill's approval?

Dinah: I don’t.

Mallet: You do-- you jump through one of his hoops, and then he starts another hoop on fire, and then you jump through that. And... you're better than that. You know that, right? I hope you do. You're better than that, like, a million times I know it's not my place to say anything, but maybe I should say something. I don't know. Maybe I should something because I feel like I see the best.

Dinah: What did I do?

Mallet: Stop. Stop! I wish that you could see, just a fraction... just a fraction of what I see when I look at you. I wish I could give you that gift.

Dinah: What do you see?

Mallet: I see things. I see... I see how much you stick up for the people you love. And I see... I see your passion. And I see your strength. And... even the way you walk into a room... you walk into it like you own the air.

Dinah: I... I know that you must think that I am obsessed with Bill, and that I am pathetic because I don't have my own life, which makes me a loser.

Mallet: Dinah Marler, if you know so bloody much, how come you don't know how amazing you are. Because I am standing right here with you talking about you, and you're standing right here with me talking about Bill.

Alan: I'm making sure that you're not going to help Elizabeth, because every time you do, you put her life in more danger.

Bill: Do you think you can get the charges dropped if I punch him out?

Mel: Cool it, Bill. Okay, you're free. Let's keep it that way. Just let the police do their job, okay?

Alan: Why, Mel? I mean, he has so much more to screw up.

Bill: Do you seriously think I should sit back and let the cops handle everything? I mean, what about the leads from the tip line?

Alan: A piece of advice: Stay out of it.

Mel: You know, for once I agree with Alan, which kind of scares me, but, yes. You should stay out of it and let the police do their job.

Bill: Okay. Fine. Let the cops do what they need to do. They just better come through.

Mel: Can I give you a ride home?

Alan: Mel, shouldn't he be under house arrest or something? I mean, what kind of justice system is this?

Mel: The same one that keeps setting you free.

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