GL Best Lines Wednesday 10/22/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 10/22/08


Provided By Tanya

Billy: So, how did it go with Reva?

Josh: Okay.

Billy: Did she tell you about her condition?

Josh: Yeah, yeah. She's, uh... pregnant. I think it's great.

Billy: Oh, so it's okay? You're okay with it?

Josh: Yeah, sure. Reva's happy, I'm happy.

Billy: So, are you cutting a steak there, or Jeffrey’s neck? ( Laughs ) Just kidding. ( Laughs )

Reva: Yes! Well, that is, if you can handle it.

Jeffrey: Me? I'm not carrying the mother load! Hey. Hey. What if there are some problems, you know? Complications with the baby...

Reva: I'd deal with it. I can handle it, I can. Just like any other mother.

Jeffrey: You're not "just any mother."

Reva: Right. I'm sexier. ( Laughs )

Jeffrey: Especially when you wear those long johns to bed!

Reva: Really? Wait until you see my pajamas with the feet in them!

Jeffrey: Okay, stop, because you're getting me all excited and I've got to go to work.

Josh: Well, I... I just think that any time a new baby comes into the world, it's a blessing.

Jeffrey: Amen to that, Reverend.

Josh: Actually, I'm not a reverend anymore. Evidently, getting in a big, old, brawl at your ex-ex-ex-wife's wedding doesn't go well with baptisms, things like that.

Mel: Are you waiting for some kind of... lightening bolt to... to strike you and make you a doctor? Is that what you're waiting for? Because it doesn't happen, okay? We create our own lightening bolts. And even if I did believe in that sort of stuff, I would point out to you that you saved a life today, okay? And not just any life... Ava’s mother's life. Ava... the one who made you want to be a better man; made you want to change your life. Ava, the mother of your son! Do you hear the thunder yet?

Remy: You know what? Where is Dad, because I hate it when you are a know-it-all, okay?

Natalia: How are you feeling?

Olivia: Like I died and I didn't go to heaven. Is it true? My heart stopped?

Natalia: Yeah. For a while, I didn't know...

Olivia: Emma...

Natalia: No, Emma’s fine. She's fine. I made sure she's okay.

Olivia: I heard you found the... thing that shocked me back.

Natalia : Yeah, I can't take credit for that. I was praying, and it popped into my head. Remy used it, and he saved you.

Olivia: I keep thinking what it would've been like, having my life end right there outside of Company.

Natalia: Well, luckily, you missed the lunch crowd, because they would have just walked right over you to get to the chili.

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