GL Best Lines Monday 10/20/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Monday 10/20/08


Provided By Tanya

Reva: Reva Shayne O’Neill.

Gigi: I know, I've heard of you.

Reva: So I've already hit the tabloids, huh? "Menopausal mama meets space aliens?"

Gigi: No, the manager said you wanted us to put together a workout routine. I'll be your trainer.

Reva: Oh, yeah. I want to work on cardio and um, some flexibility.

Gigi: Okay. Let's start off with some questions. Age?

Reva: Next question.

Gigi: Okay. What about your weight? Do you tend to retain water?

Reva: Let's just skip all of the questions and answers, okay? I really want to just... you know.

Gigi: Okay, okay. All right...

Reva: Have a baby, not a hippo. That's it.

Alan: Elizabeth told me about that. That was very clever of you, Bill, playing on her love for me. Just like you're playing on her disappearance right now.

Bill: You better be careful, Alan, because I would give my life to get Lizzie back here.

Alan: Yes, as long as it happens after your meeting.

Bill: Watch yourself. Lizzie would understand why I have to take this meeting because I have to make sure the company is still intact when she gets back here.

Alan: If she gets back here. Tell me something, are you going to wait while you're dining with Decker for the kidnaper to call you there? Is that...

Bill: I thought maybe you could wait by the phone if you think you can handle that.

Alan: Let me tell you something, Alan Spaulding doesn't wait for anything. He takes action.

Bill: Alan, it wouldn't surprise me if you were behind this whole kidnapping. Let me tell you something, you are not going to do one thing. You will do nothing until I tell you. I still call the shots, you understand me? I almost had him, okay? We almost got Lizzie back and now here we are wasting time playing games. Well, I've wasted enough time with Lizzie fighting over stupid things that don't matter, you understand me? And now I realize that she matters, just her. So do me a favor and just back off!

Jeffrey: I'm busy with a case, okay?

Alan: A case of what? Baby formula or disposable diapers.

Jeffrey: You know, Alan, now that you're your old self again, I might have to find somebody to testify against you.

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