GL Best Lines Friday 10/17/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Friday 10/17/08


Provided By Tanya

Dinah: I was thinking about the way that life used to be for us. It was so exciting and I wanted that again with you. I wanted you to feel that again. I mean, you left, but the feelings didn't leave, Mallet. I wanted you to remember what it was like being with me. And I want you to realize what you were missing, and that it was the kind of love that you can't find in a home with a picket fence. That's what we had.

Mallet: I'm going to help your brother find Lizzie, okay? And then Marina and I are going to move into that house. You left me before I ever left you.

Marina: Okay. No loud music, that's rule number... what rule am I on?

Daisy: Oh, I lost count. Wait, I've heard you crank up the stereo.

Marina: Yeah, like, when we're having a party or something.

Daisy: Can I have parties?

Marina: Let Mallet and I finish buying the house first, and then we'll talk. Another guy rule...

Daisy: Another one?

Marina: Oh, yeah. Guys in your bedroom, the door stays open.

Daisy: Won't that bother you, all of the really loud sex noises and stuff.

Marina: Daisy...

Daisy: I mean, at least if I close the door, then it will muffle...

Marina: Daisy!

Daisy: I'm kidding, okay?

Dinah: You are doing everything you can to find Lizzie.

Bill: She doesn't know that. She doesn't know that. She's probably alone and scared somewhere, and she has no idea. And I have to get her back here, Dinah. I have to get her back here because without her, everything just means nothing.

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