GL Best Lines Thursday 10/16/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Thursday 10/16/08


Provided By Tanya

Cyrus: Cassie, if we don't beat this polygraph, the cops are going to know that we stole the stereo equipment.

Cassie: We stole the stereo equipment?

Cyrus: Fine, I stole it. But you fenced it to those little sick kids at the hospital.

Cassie: Will you relax? I'm going to ace this. You're a good teacher.

Cyrus: Remember, press down on the tack when the questions get too intense.

Cassie: Yeah, yeah, I got it. Thanks. R.J., you're going to be late. The bus is going to be here any minute.

R.J.: Are you stopping by practice?

Cassie: Ah, nope. Cyrus and I have some things to do here. We have to rake leaves.

R.J.: You're lying.

Cassie: What makes you think that?

R.J.: Because your nose is twitching.

Cyrus: You realize you just got busted by a 12-year-old. We're doomed.

Grady: If it weren't for me grabbing Lizzie, Bill would still be ignoring you. You owe me.

Dinah: Really? It's not just about the money, Grady.

Grady: Really? Maybe for you, but I could live for a year on what you spent on those high heels.

Cyrus: Is this even legal? Don't you need an expert to give this test?

Marina: Since when have you followed the rules? Is that sweat on your forehead? Are you nervous?

Cyrus: Nope. It's just hot in here.

Marina: Right. Is your real name Cyrus Foley?

Cyrus: You know it is.

Marina: Just answer yes or no, please.

Cyrus: Yes.

Marina: Do you live in Springfield?

Cyrus: Yes.

Marina: Did you donate stolen equipment to Cedars Hospital?

Cyrus: No.

Marina: What exactly is your relationship with Cassie Winslow?

Cyrus: What?

Marina: That got a reaction.

Cyrus: What does that have to do with this case?

Marina: Is Cassie just another one of your conquests? Did she fall for all of your cheesy lines and your crap about wanting to live on a farm in France?

Cyrus: Funny thing about that stereo...

Marina: Did you mean to string me along? Did you enjoy having Harley and I on the hook?

Cyrus: What are the charges against me again?

Marina: Have you ever slept with one woman while claiming to love another? And not just any two women, family members.

Cyrus: I'm guessing this isn't about electronics anymore.

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