GL Best Lines Thursday 10/2/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 10/2/08


Provided By Wanda

Billy: Well, you were the light of his life. Speaking of which, you are mine, too. You always have been.

Vanessa: Oh, goodness. I guess I'd feel a little bit more light if we could knock some sense into that son of ours.

Billy: Oh, my gosh. What a tough nut to crack, that kid is.

Vanessa: Yeah, I mean, what is wrong with him? Why is he so shocked that Lizzie wants to take care of her family? Why is that?

Billy: You know, that says one thing: That means he is going to ship us off to an old folks' home as soon as he can. Yeah, no, he will. He will. But you can bunk with me, okay? When it comes to family, Bill has issues.

Vanessa: He does, I mean, that's clear. Those two love each other. Everybody knows it. They know it. So why don't they get married and start a family of their own.

Billy: Because they're both trying to run the same corporation, that's why.

Vanessa: Well, what's wrong with him. Why is he so pig-headed and so competitive?

Billy: It's in his genes. But then, look at us. We, we messed things up, and we both came out happy.

Vanessa: Excuse me. We wrote the book on what not to do.

Billy: ( Laughs ) and maybe we'll write the second chapter at the old folks' home.

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