GL Best Lines Thursday 9/25/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 9/25/08


Provided By Wanda

Mallet: Hey. A list of possible cops for your taskforce.

Marina: My taskforce? I didn't even know about my taskforce until Doris Wolfe just made that speech.

Mallet: Ah, executive privilege.

Marina: Executive dog poop. You know, Doris gets to make all of these promises, and I have to follow behind her with a broom.

Mallet: That's why I'm helping you out. So, I'm thinking Keagan, I'm thinking Doyle, possibly Jimmy Bennett.

Marina: You know, if you want to be detective again, that's fine.

Mallet: Uh, no, I don't.

Marina: Then stop acting like one.

Mallet: Oh, I get it. Is this about the paint brushes? Is this about the fact I didn't clean mine? It's about the paint brushes, isn't it?

Marina: This is not about the paint brushes. This is about that huge stack of citizen complaint files.

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