GL Best Lines Wednesday 9/24/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Wednesday 9/24/08


Provided By Wanda

Grady: All it takes is a can of gasoline and a match.

Dinah: (Sighs) Subtle!

Grady: Huh. We'll teach your brother a lesson.

Dinah: There are Rembrandts in that house, Chinese porcelain and Flemish tapestries. So no violence. I told you, all you have to do is get between Lizzie and Bill.

Grady: Get between them.

Dinah: Yes. Break them up, turn them against one another. Make Bill see he can't trust her.

Grady: Because he can only trust you.

Dinah: Ah! Who said you weren't smart?

Grady: You. You called me a street thug.

Dinah: You know what? With some spit and polish, you could shine up real nice. We're going to take care of that real soon.

Grady: Just tell me what the gig is and I'll do it.

Dinah: You're going to get Lizzie into bed.

Grady: Nail the rich girl-- that's the job.

Dinah: (Laughs) That is, if you're not too hung up on Daisy.

Grady: Well, Lizzie's not my biggest fan. Her and Tammy Winslow were friends, so it's going to be pretty difficult making her forget what I did.

Dinah: I bet you can do it.

Grady: Yeah. Yeah, I can.

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