GL Best Lines Tuesday 9/23/08

Guiding Light Best Lines Tuesday 9/23/08


Provided By Wanda

Cyrus: The job. No, "the job" was in South America. But you blew me off, remember? Said you had a sure thing. What happened?

Grady: I got to thinking, and something came to me. A job. Biggest score you ever made.

Cyrus: What job? There is no job, is there?

Grady: Fine! Just more for me.

Grady: See, there's this hot dog stand outside the park, right? Every day at 3:00 this armored truck pulls up. Two guys get out, they go order the special. It takes them exactly 22 minutes to eat it.

Cyrus: What, you timed it?

Grady: Once-- but how long can it take for someone to eat a hot dog? Anyway, they park the car off to the side-- by itself, around these trees.

Cyrus: So no one can see it.

Grady: Or us. When you pick the locks, and I hot wire the thing.

Cyrus: And we drive off in the truck?

Grady: It's quick, it's easy, no one gets hurt, and the best part about it is we get to leave this crummy town.

Cyrus: Leave Springfield?

Grady: We can live anywhere we want after this-- Mexico, the Bahamas. I mean, there's nothing here holding us back. Hell, everyone would be glad if we left. They can't wait to see the back of us. Let's do it, huh? You know you want to. You know you're bored with Cassie. You know she's like that old lady who only wants to have children, and you don't want to have children. You want to come out with me and have fun all the time.

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