GL Best Lines Friday 9/19/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 9/19/08


Provided By Wanda

Cassie: So, yes. I knew that you broke into that house.

Cyrus: And when I saw you at the police station, you were...

Cassie: No, I was not going to say anything. I knew where you got the idea. I had been complaining about my neighbor blasting out the house with their new, super-expensive surround-sound system, and the next thing I know, he doesn't have it anymore. I wash, you dry? So that... must have been, what? A couple thousand dollars' worth of equipment? Must have just been too tempting for you to pass up, huh?

Cyrus: Maybe. Or maybe I just took pity on you. You did say it was keeping you up at nights.

Cassie: All nights, yes. I do know all the words to "bust it, baby" by heart now.

Cyrus: So... you're not going to call the cops when we finish doing the dishes?

Cassie: Why would I do that, now that you've done me this huge, big favor?

Cyrus: They never recovered the stereo. I stashed it in your barn.

Cassie: Great, let's both go to jail!

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