GL Best Lines Thursday 9/4/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 9/4/08


Provided By Wanda

Jeffrey: Pregnant? Reva? Reva's pregnant?

Doctor: That's right. When your wife came to us, she told us that she felt a mass. She thought her cancer was back. The baby-- now it is certainly not what we were expecting to find-- but when we ran her blood work, there it was, clear as day.

Jeffrey: A baby?

Doctor: I understand. At your wife's age, pregnancy is very unusual. But it's not unheard of. Mr. O'Neill? Maybe we should bring Reva in now.

Reva: Buzz! Where's he going? Well, I'm not waiting. Okay. Here's to cancer, yeah. I beat you once, I can beat you again. And screw you for almost messing up my wedding!

Jeffrey: Reva, don't... don't drink that.

Reva: What is it? Jeffrey, did you talk to the doctor? What did he say? I know I shouldn't have left the doctor's office without telling you where I was going, but I really needed a little liquid encouragement before we got the test results. .........Stop it! Why are you doing that? What did he say? How long do I have?

Jeffrey: Oh, about nine months.

Reva: Well, it's not working! When I get bad news, I like to get it in a bar with a shot, or like a lot of shots. You should know by now that I'm not the kind of girl who likes to have a band-aid removed slowly, like it's supposed to ease the pain. It doesn't. It prolongs it. So just rip it off. Just tell me what it is.

Jeffrey: You know, these doctors are so blunt they can just tell you your butt is falling off without batting an eyelash ...

Reva: Is my butt falling off?

Jeffrey: I don't know if you're prepared to hear this. I've never heard anything like this before...

Reva: Oh, come on. For God's sake, Jeffrey, I have cancer, I'm dying. Just tell me what it is. What could be worse than that?

Jeffrey: You're pregnant.

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