GL Best Lines Tuesday 9/2/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 9/2/08


Provided By Wanda

Jeffrey: Yeah. Okay? I signed on for the whole thing, the whole damn thing, Reva, not just the wedding, but everything that comes after it.

Reva: But you had no way of knowing...

Jeffrey: You know what? Hey, you may have cancer today. Tomorrow we might get hit by a bus, okay? So stop trying to give me an out and marry me! Because I really do not want to have to hold hands with Buzz again to get that damn house back!

Reva: ( Crying ) I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry. After everything you went through with Ava and your...

Jeffrey: Reva, you're sorry? You're sorry? You're the one that got me through it. You got me through that! What do you think my life is? Do you think my life is the law? Do you think my life is my guitar? My '61 convertible? I love you. I love you more. Don't you get it? And what about those good old-fashioned vows? "In sickness and in health." So today we're going to get married. And when those results come in, we'll deal with that, too. So bad luck my ass! We're going to get married, okay? You're going to be there. And don't keep me waiting, woman! You understand?

Josh: I think she wants me to do this. I think the whole wedding thing to Jeffrey, I think that's just to get my attention and she expects me, she wants me to come in, swoop in, and rescue her.

Billy: Just like in the past!

Josh: That's right. We both know she never changes, right?

Billy: That's right! She needs you.

Josh: She needs the adrenaline, she needs the energy rush.

Billy: She needs you!

Josh: She needs to be reminded of that fact.

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