GL Best Lines Tuesday 8/26/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Tuesday 8/26/08


Provided By Wanda

Josh: It's a little simple for my taste, but, uh... it'll do. You want to try this on for me? Give me a sneak preview before the wedding?

Reva: There won't be a preview... because you're not invited.

Josh: Well, I'm not talking about your wedding with Jeffrey. I'm talking about your wedding to moi. (Laughs) I see what you're going for here, I really do. It's sort of that "simple courthouse wedding" look. Looks nice on me, don't you think? Of course, you know, you'll probably end up changing your mind by the time the wedding rolls around, because dresses go out of style the longer you wait.

Reva: I'm waiting a couple of weeks-- until Jeffrey can get Alan behind bars.

Josh: Now you're... you're talking about Alan Spaulding, right? Because that's probably going to take some time. You know, I should remember to thank him when I get the chance.

Reva: Did you come here for any specific reason, or just to annoy me?

Josh: Uh, well, let me... let me think. Uh, I got an email from Shayne, but you know what? If I'm bothering you, I could...

Reva: No! Sit your butt right back down there, Bud.

Josh: I thought you would never ask.

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