GL Best Lines Friday 8/15/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Friday 8/15/08


Provided By Wanda

Beth: All righty, dear. When you give her a bath, make sure you use this baby soap. If you don't, she'll get a rash, because she has very sensitive skin.

Alan: Okay. Throw up, rash, got it.

Beth: Speaking of rashes, don't wait until you smell something bad to check her diaper. You have to check it frequently. And if you have changed her and she has had enough sleep, and she's eaten, and you've played with her, and she's still cranky, she probably has a tummy ache. Nothing to worry about. It's just gas. So you give her a few drops of this homeopathic formula for little tummies, and she'll be just fine.

Beth: Her favorite teddy bear, backup favorite teddy bear. She must have these to sleep, okay? And one other thing: The pacifiers-- and you can use these-- but this is just for emergencies, nothing to depend on. Hmm?

Alan: Is there anything else?

Beth: Well, yes, as a matter of fact. If you take her out, make sure she is dressed for the heat, but also for inside, if you're taking her any place that is air conditioned.

Alan: Being C.E.O. of a corporation wasn't this hard!

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