GL Best Lines Thursday 8/14/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Thursday 8/14/08


Provided By Wanda

Josh: I have apricot Danishes in here.

Reva: You had to go three towns away to get that.

Josh: I know, because in this town, they only have cherry and cheese.

Reva: I like cheese.

Josh: But your favorite is apricot.

Reva: ( Laughing ) I didn't order Danish.

Josh: Yes, but you're the one who loves surprises. It's hot outside.

Reva: Well, then maybe you should get back into your car and crank up your A.C.

Josh: Is Jeffrey here, by the way? Because I didn't know what his favorite flavor is, so I brought him cherry.

Reva: He's at the church, reverend.

Billy: You know, I think you ought to take them trees out over there.

Josh: Yeah, that's right, because we've got to make room for the ramp that's going to go up to the entrance.

Billy: ( Laughing ) those old ladies must just love you.

Josh: ( Laughing ) no, they love church, I'm just the messenger. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Did you look into the height restrictions, by the way, because the steeple we have planned for this thing, it's going to be pretty far up there? Yeah, I'm just saying, you know. We had trouble with the zoning board when we were building the veteran's hospital. I don't want that kind of stuff going on.

Billy: Those Okies were kind of tough, weren't they?

Josh: They were. But we were doing it for a good cause. We were helping soldiers and their families. And, don't forget, we also had Cassie with us to help us... .. well, she just sort of sweet-talked her way out of all the messes that we got into, so...

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