GL Best Lines Monday 8/11/08

Guiding Light  Best Lines Monday 8/11/08


Provided By Tanya

Jeffrey: Tell her to let Daisy know if she doesn't get her butt down here in about five seconds, she will be facing contempt of court. I'm not kidding, Reva. And with her record in juvie, that's not going to be good.

Reva: You would do that to my granddaughter?

Jeffrey: For Tammy, for Cassie, to win this case. Daisy is the only one who can I.D. Grady as the driver of that vehicle.

Reva: You've done the best you can. We all know that. And everyone knows you haven't failed Cassie or Ava.

Jeffrey: This is about Tammy, and no one else. I'm sorry, I can't go easy on Daisy, and if you can't handle that...

Cassie: I'm not angry with you, you know. I mean, I was for a while, but... I really don't feel our marriage is a failure. I believe that you were brought into my life to help me get through loosing Tammy.

Josh: Well, it was through helping you and loving you that I found my faith, so...

Cassie: Well, then, see, we didn't fail.

Josh: No. We just didn’t... last.

Daisy: Who says I was lying. Were you in the car?

Reva: No, but you were. And everything you testified to in there was a complete lie. Why? When you came in here, you said you wanted to make things right.

Daisy: Yeah, I did.

Reva: For who? Not for Tammy.

Daisy: Tammy... Tammy is dead, okay? I can't change that. But "G", he has his whole life ahead of him. If I had said anything different, okay, all that would mean is that two lives were ruined.

Reva: So you don't think Grady deserves any kind of punishment for what he did to Tammy?

Daisy: I don't think he is going to hurt anyone else. And I think what he needed was someone to believe in him. Someone to give him a second chance.

Jury foreman: We the jury on the charge of first-degree murder, find Grady Foley not guilty.

Daisy: We gave you a second chance.

Grady: We?

Daisy: Me and Tammy.

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